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Sunday, January 15, 2012

National DBSA Advisory Board

DBSA Honorary Advisory Board

All of the members of the DBSA Honorary Advisory Board exemplify that people living with mental health conditions can and do live extraordinary lives unlimited by a diagnosis. We are immensely honored to have these talented and inspiring individuals as members of our new Honorary Advisory Board, and even more appreciative of the work each has done to increase the understanding of, and to reduce the stigma associated with, depression and bipolar disorder. Read press release.

 Jessie Close HAB
Jessie Close

     Jessie Close is a consumer bravely sharing her story nationally to fight stigma through Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M), a new campaign established in part by her sister, Glenn Close. DBSA is proud to be a partner in this important campaign, the first effort of this magnitude in U.S. history. Oscar-winning director Ron Howard generously donated his time in directing BC2M's first PSA that features Jessie with her sister, Glenn. Jessie has spoken about BC2M, as well as her own story, on The View and Good Morning America. She is the author of "The Warping of Al" and is coming out soon with her second book, "Silence You."
 Patty Duke HAB
Patty Duke
 Patty Duke, Academy Award winning actress, past President of the Screen Actors Guild, and best selling author, has been delighting and challenging audiences for more than 40 years with her work in movies, television and on Broadway. She has established herself as one of televisions most versatile and beloved actresses. Patty has received much recognition from her peers—An Oscar, two Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards and six Emmy Nominations and a People's Choice Award. Community service awards have honored her commitment to many social issues. Since the publication of her autobiography, "Call Me Anna" and her second book "A Brilliant Madness", Patty spends a great deal of time and travel speaking on the topic of mental illness.
 Mary Hornbacher HAB
Marya Hornbacher
 Marya Hornbacher is an award-winning journalist and the author of three books, including The New York Times best seller, "Madness: A Bipolar Life." Hornbacher was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her best seller, "Wasted," and lectures frequently on the subject of mental health. Long before there was research into the field of childhood bipolar disorder, Hornbacher was struggling with the highs and lows of the illness, showing the first signs at the age of four but going undiagnosed for another 20 years. A frequent consultant and interview subject, Hornbacher finds inspiration in the message of strength her readers have shared with her and in the people who are living with mental illness day by day.
 Kay Redfield Jamison HAB
Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD
 Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD, is professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and codirector of the Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Center. She is also honorary professor of English at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and author of the national best sellers "An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness" and "Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide," as well as "Exuberance" and "Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament." Her latest book, "Nothing Was the Same: A Memoir," was released in 2009. Additionally, she coauthored the standard medical text on manic-depressive illness and is author or coauthor of over 100 scientific papers about mood disorders, creativity, and psychopharmacology. Dr. Jamison is the recipient of numerous national and international scientific awards, including a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship.
 Greg Montgomery HAB
Greg Montgomery, Jr
 All-Pro NFL punter Greg Montgomery's journey with bipolar disorder began in 1997 while playing with the Baltimore Ravens. Ultimately, his journey towards recovery has been a positive and successful one. Now almost 14 years after his diagnosis, Greg is a successful punting consultant and powerful advocate in the field of mental health. He recognizes that help is desperately needed for the millions living with mental illness and is making a difference by speaking out. Greg's personal story is featured in the NFL Films-produced feature, "Madness in the NFL: The Greg Montgomery Story." Through his blog, Zen In The Art of Living Bipolar, Greg openly shares his experiences of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder with educational, honest, and engaging content.
 Andrew Solomon HAB
Andrew Solomon
 Andrew Solomon's book, "The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression," has won him fourteen national awards, including the 2001 National Book Award, and has been published in 22 languages. It was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.  It has been on the New York Times bestseller list in both hardback and paperback and has been a bestseller in seven foreign countries. Mr. Solomon has lectured on depression around the world. He serves on the boards of the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign and the Depression Center of the University of Michigan as well as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the Alliance for the Arts, the Alex Fund, the American Council for Cultural Policy, the Worcester Foundation for Medical Research, the Rita Fund, the Larry Kramer Initiative for Gay and Lesbian Studies at Yale University, and the World Monuments Fund.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Better Tomorrow

                                                                                                January 10, 2011

Hello everyone,
Thousands of people in Jackson and surrounding area suffer from depression and other mood disorders.  They do not know we are here for them.  They do not know we have weekly meetings for support and education in medications and treatments modalities.  They do not know what a warm and caring “family” we are to others like ourselves.  They do not know how much we want to meet them and include them as part of the family . . . we do not know them but we miss them.  There is a hole in our hearts for those we know as well as we know ourselves.
DBSA Jackson is taking as part of its mission for 2012 a renewed commitment to combat stigma through education of individuals, groups, and organizations. We ask all our board members, officers, group facilitators and support group attendees to make a personal commitment to speak out against stigma.  Together we can communicate that all human beings are deserving of respect and dignity as individual expressions of the Creator - without exception.
 OUR MEETING LAST WEEK:  What a great time we enjoyed in our last meeting. Our attendance provided Sheila a great audience for a discussion period that proved beneficial for everyone.  Spirits were high, the food was good, and the hugs were comforting.  It was great to see all of you out for our “family time.”  Also, Velmar bought a copy of my book that is part of a donation drive.  The proceeds from each sale go to the DBSA Jackson chapter.  Thank you, Velmar!
OUR MEETING THIS WEEK: We will take a moment at the beginning of our meeting to remember those in the community, isolated, suffering alone in their pain. I will facilitate the meeting.  Again, I plan to pass out survey forms to those who did not complete one last week.  The plan is to survey the attendees during the month of January.  Jennifer and I will report the results after they are prepared in February.
CHANGE OF MEETING ROOM FOR THIS WEEK:  We in the City/County room this week.  It is just past Medical Founders Room C as you move down the hall.  Please make note of the change for this week’s meeting.  Thanks!
 CHAPTER NEWS:  Repeat announcement:  During the month of January, our chapter is conducting a survey.  In the survey, we are asking the attendees to let us know how we are doing in providing support, information and socializing opportunities.  Our officers will collect the information from the surveys and report the results at the meetings in February. Our chapter is planning to begin some new projects this year, with your and the board of director's help.  
A repeat announcement:   Also, we are installing our officers for the coming year.  Along with the officers, we are training a new facilitator, William, and asking for a volunteer for the position of Social Events Coordinator.  For all of our positions, volunteers are never left to carry on the work alone for we all work together to bring our chapter's goals to success.  Our board members are taking a more direct role in working with the leaders to help and advise as needed.  We are so very thankful for a board of directors that sincerely joins us in our mission.
 Take a moment in your day to remember those suffering with depression and bipolar disorder who do not know we are here for them.
 Peacefulness to you and yours,
                                         When you're with us, you're family.