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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A little bit about us

As the new Facilitators for Jackson’s DBSA support group called “A Better Tomorrow”, we extend a warm welcome to join us on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm.  We are a husband/wife team who come to you with humble, compassionate, understanding hearts as we, too, deal with these illnesses first hand.  Even after 10 years of marriage, there is still so much to learn.  In order to lead a healthier life, it is important to build a strong support team.  This includes family and friends, so we encourage everyone who has a desire to come. 

We host the group out of The Life Church located at 780 Bolivar Hwy., Jackson, TN 38301.  The church is directly off of Hwy 18 as you drive towards Bolivar.  Turn left onto Benson Ln in order to access the entrance.
A few of our main goals are to provide:
·        a positive community for those diagnosed and family/friends who are interested in learning more
·        a safe, healthy, positive environment for wellness and growth
·        literature and useful information regarding depression and/or bipolar along with other associated symptoms
We are an adult, peer led support group who are not doctors.  Therefore, we do not diagnosis, treat, or counsel.  We encourage each other and share our experiences to create a positive, safe community.  Since, we are an adult group anyone under the age of 18 years is discouraged due to the content of topics.  If a parent is interested and would like to meet with us concerning a child, we would be willing to set up a private meeting. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Things

I have desperately needed to update our blog site.  Some incredible changes have been in the works and we are now at a place to inform the world!

First and foremost, I would like to say a huge thank you to Steve.  He built this community from the ground up.  With nothing but a desire to heal and to surround himself with others who understood his pain, he began the arduous process of starting a DBSA chapter here in Jackson.  His driving, passionate commitment over the past 13 years, including serving 2 years as the DBSA State President for Tennessee, has undoubtedly touched numerous lives of those afflicted with Depression and/or Bipolar disorders.  Today we stand on solid ground as DBSA’s “A Better Tomorrow” support group. 

Steve has decided to take a much needed sabbatical as president.  Don’t be fooled though, he is still very active with us and resides as a board member.  Steve’s gracious heart continues to aid us as we work through the big transition.  So, with the “extra” time he now has, his main focus is his family and finishing his second book “A Brand New Day: My Story of Success and Sanity.”  His first book “The Two Agreements: A Good News Story for Our Time” is available for purchase!

After months of discussion, my husband and I (with me dragging my feet) took the plunge to relieve Steve of his duties and honor him with much needed rest.  So, here we are, your new Co-facilitators.  Please hang in there with us as we are still learning the ropes.  

Group Meetings: are hosted inside The Life Church building off of Hwy. 18 
the meetings begin at 6:30pm and last until 8:00pm
You don't need to bring anything!  If you need any further assistance, call (731) 215-7200.  
(disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the church; they have been gracious enough for us to meet there)

Family and Friends: are welcome to come along with you or even by themselves.  These meetings are open to the public, but remain confidential.  The more educated everyone is, there is greater potential for healing and wellness.  We can speak from first hand experience, I promise!  Our greatest offering is to help provide information, support, and love as we all continue living with our illnesses.

DBSA:  stands for Depression Bipolar Support Alliance.  Our group focuses on Mood disorders as the primary diagnosis, but understand there are co-occurring illnesses that come attached.  For example, I am diagnosed with Bipolar II and ADD...our goal is to provide a safe place for you to come, to meet with people who understand, and hopefully, encourage you along your path.

Lastly,  it may take you months to get up the courage to come.  The unknown can be scary to face.  Fear of knowing someone, or not knowing anyone is intimidating.  I guarantee you aren't the only one.  I held out for 3 months!  So, when you are ready, we are here.