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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Message from Brad Palmertree and the Tennessee Health Care Campaign

We knowwhat you're thinking. The biggest winner on Tuesday? Health reform.
As you well know, the presidential election was a cloud hanging over the
future of the Affordable Care Act, sometimes better known as "Obamacare."
The election results settle key issues about the direction that healthcare
will take in our nation. With no more hurdles before it, states now have
the responsibility to implement the law swiftly and effectively.

So what happens now?

Insurance Exchanges

Exchanges are online marketplaces in which individuals and small
businesses will purchase private insurance and take advantage of subsidies
to help pay premiums. States should set up their own, but they can opt out
and allow the federal government to do it for them. Tennessee has not made
a decision.However, they must make a decision by November 16th. The
governor favors a state exchange, but he's facing some push-back from
colleagues in the General Assembly.

Medicaid (TennCare) Expansion

As you probably know, the Supreme Court ruled in June that states have the
option to expand their Medicaid program. Again, Tennessee has not made a
decision.This decision point could take a while because it needs to go
through our state legislature's budget process (even though the Feds pay
100% of the expansion for the first 3 years & it slowly goes down to a
permanent 90%). Many legislators have come out strongly against the
expansion, and in fact legislation has already been introduced to prevent

Is that it?

We wish. At the federal level, there's a manufactured "fiscal cliff" that
some economists say will send us into another recession. If Congress
doesn't act by the end of the year, across-the-board spending cuts & tax
hikes will take effect. Here's a really good, detailed explanation of what
it means and what kind of budget cuts & tax hikes are included.

What does that mean for our work?

Medicaid is incredibly vulnerable. Even the President has put Medicaid on
the table when compromising for budget cuts. We must protect this
important safety net for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Additionally, the Affordable Care Act could take some hits around the
Prevention & Public Health Fund as well as the tax credits that will allow
individuals to afford private insurance in 2014. We'll need to watch these
conversations carefully to ensure we're not sacrificing these important

What can I do?

SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Here are a few simple steps for you to take.

Call Gov. Haslam:
615-741-2001 or email him: Let him
know you support a state exchange AND the expansion of TennCare. Here are
some talking points.

Call your state legislators & give them a call or email. Tell them to
support Governor Haslam in his idea of a state-based exchange. Be sure to
mention that you don't like them leaving federal money on the floor to pay
for an expansion of TennCare. Scroll down on this page for some great fact
sheets on the benefits of TennCare expansion.

Share the word! Email, Facebook, & Twitter - use it all! Just use those
little buttons in the upper-right corner of this message.

Support our work! You depend on us and we depend on you. This work can't
happen without you. An investment in THCC means that your voice continues
to be heard throughout the process of meaningful health reform
implementation here in Tennessee.

This is your official election roundup! Keep reading to see what this
week's election results mean for health care in Tennessee.

Get caught up on your ACA education here.

Let's be friends! Stay in touch with THCC on Facebook & Twitter. We'll
keep it interesting...promise.

THCC is a proud member of Community Shares.

Now that we can move forward with confidence, our work has never been more
important. We can't do it without you.
Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? Do you have
experience in web design? Or policy analysis? We're looking for a few good
volunteers. Contact us and let's become best friends!

1103 Chapel Ave. | Nashville, TN 37206 US

Thursday, November 8, 2012

There is more to us and our experiences than we often acknowledge . . .

My dear friend in the UK shares poem that was recently published. I invited her to share as often as she will on our blog! Autumn and her hubby live in England these days,writing and publishing.

Once you've travelled through the forest
for what seems like eternity

becoming shaped by its hollows and bogs
accustomed to shadow and the fold of branches;

when you've met silence in the contours of rivers
and in the waters of countless glowing lakes;

when you've charted the tracks, the traces left
of those who inhabit and pass in the vastness

sensing them in the winds alongside you
and there, just beyond the aureole of the fire's light;

when you've aligned yourself with these –
remembering at last the ten-thousand things –

the ribs of the forest will open.
Autumn Grieve

Saturday, November 3, 2012


      WE are all deserving of fair and equal treatment.  Let me know if you need further information about the the content of my blog entry . . .

GIRLATWINDOW**The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion has been in contact with a reporter who is seeking out current and former college students with mental illnesses who are willing to share their experiences with her. The reporter is specifically interested in students who have been coerced into leaving their academic institutions. She will ask you about: your mental health history; how the university came to know about it; and why they either encouraged or forced you to leave college. She will also ask you to discuss what happened afterward, whether or not you ignored the college's advice to leave, and - if you did leave, how difficult it was to return to school? If you are interested in sharing your experiences please contact Kimberly Leonard her at email address: The story will likely be published in The Atlantic and Kaiser Health News.